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CoClean- air purifier (TK)//Silent air purifier without consumables-Knight

The smart mode automatically turns on and off the machine, which keeps the indoor air fresh and fresh. With traditional air purifiers, the purification effect is constantly attenuated with use, and the filter needs to be replaced every year.
Rs. 31,999.00 Rs. 30,399.00

CoClean Water-Ion Vehicle air sterilizer (WVP)

The built-in dynamic water ion module condenses the moisture in the air, atomizes it and splits it into tiny negative water ions, which are rich in OH radicals. OH free radicals can deprive bacteria and viruses of hydrogen ions and make them inactive, thereby inhibiting bacteria and viruses and removing peculiar smells.
Rs. 9,915.00
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CoClean Vehicle Portable Vacuum Cleaner (C1)

It can be placed in the center console storage box, water cup slot, door pocket, etc. in the car. It does not take up space and is easy to reach. Powerful suction easily sucks away dust and residue.
Rs. 7,699.00 Rs. 7,314.00
5% OFF

CoClean Cordless Stick Vacuum

Rs. 35,999.00 Rs. 34,199.00
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CoClean Portable Vacuum (H2)

Washable filtration system, recycling is more environmentally friendly. The new air duct design is adopted, and the wind resistance and wind noise are reduced by optimizing the air duct structure, and the suction is lasting without attenuation. The scientific wind guide structure avoids blowing dust on the ground, hands, face, etc. of the user.
Rs. 13,499.00 Rs. 12,824.00
5% OFF

CoClean Vehicle Air Purifier (Q1)

With detachable design guarding more than purifies your day in the car. No filter, no consumables, no cost of consumables, easy to enjoy for a long time
Rs. 7,199.00 Rs. 6,839.00
5% OFF

CoClean Portable Air Purifier

The CoClean portable air purifier produces ions as much as those found in the forest, with up to 3,000,000 anions / cm³ in a 1 m³ radius, producing zero ozone at the same time. Compared to larger, more traditional air purifiers, ours are quieter, healthier, greener, and requires no supplies.
Rs. 4,799.00 Rs. 4,559.00